Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich lifestyles through connecting diverse cultures and people to the global markets, while championing sustainable and purposeful consumption.

Executive Leadership

Our senior executives lead with a long-range vision of developing an ecosystem that synergises across the diverse strengths of our talents, businesses and networks; while committing to professionalism, accountability and a growth mindset with a love for excellence and innovation.

With a global vision, Bonnie leads the group to build a purposeful portfolio of strategic ventures and sustainable investments that deliver value and growth for the company and at the same time enrich communities.

Bonnie Chan Woo

Chairperson and CEO

Our Businesses

Hong Kong's leading branding and
marketing production company.

A content-driven eCommerce platform that
empowers women around the world.

From humble beginnings as a print management consultant in 1998, Icicle has expanded our expertise in cross media design, digital production, retail activations and brand strategy. In 2017, Icicle went public and is now listed on the Growth Enterprise Markets (GEM) of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. 

At present, we have a global footprint rooted in our mission through select strategic ventures in e-commerce, original content and technology across integrated marketing, media and entertainment industries.

History of The Group

We are committed to operate our business honestly, ethically and sustainably and where possible, we do our part in creating positive social impact to our communities through financial and in-kind sponsorships to charitable organizations and corporate sustainable practices in our businesses.

Corporate Social

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