July 25, 2018

When I think about Chinese brands, Alibaba and Tencent would immediately spring to mind. Both are eCommerce and internet value-added services platforms in China.  In a short space of a little over 10 years, these two giants have achieved remarkable success, but mostly...

July 4, 2018

Brands can no longer be focussing on developing their own narratives, but to create the necessary opportunities for consumers to experience the brand, and if the experience is worthy enough, the consumers will spread the word on your behalf, but always at their own wil...

June 22, 2018

Recently, I ran into one of the top mobile / telco marketing executives in Hong Kong, and got a quick low-down on how the industry has transformed, and how it has become terribly challenging to differentiate from competitors to produce real business results through tra...

September 4, 2015

What has the recent stock market meltdown got to do with us, being marketers and makers?

The recent turmoil in Chinese stock markets peppered with significant government intervention is not happening in isolation.  As we watch how global markets react and stories unfold...

January 26, 2014

Brands can no longer rely on massive ad campaigns alone to convert increasingly tech-savvy and knowledgable consumers. The conventional approach of dream building through lavishly expensive productions and celebrity endorsements no longer work because customers these d...

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