Check out the non-profit programs that we have supported in the past year.

At ICICLE, we apply our multi-media story-telling skills to spread the word for worthy causes in our community.  Each year, we pledge to support up to five non-profit organisations to tell their stories, sometimes through a video, sometimes in the form of a book.

In 2018, the beneficiaries of our program include Homeless World Cup, PARASITE, Design Trust, Harbour Arts Sculptural Park and Friends of the Art Museum, the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

If you have a story worth telling, and interested in having ICICLE support you, please apply HERE by 31 May each year.  Our Stories Worth Telling Program Committee will select up to 5 organisations for full support and recommend a further 5 organisations for partial support.


For more information on Icicle’s commitments to creating positive social impact, please follow our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and WeChat.

Apply HERE.