Icicle Production is comprised of experienced marketing production professionals spanning across media - Print, Gifts, Packaging, Design, Digital, Social Content and Video.  Our team is one of the most experienced and respected in the industry in Hong Kong.  On average, our 50-strong team manages over 3,000+ projects a year for leading and winning brands in retail, F&B, luxury and insurance.  You will find that we are servicing the #1 or #2 in many industry sectors that we are active in, because they are often the ones that are savviest in marketing, putting efficiency and professionalism as their top priorities.

We are not the lowest in cost in absolute terms, but we are most probably the most cost effective you can find in Hong Kong, as using Icicle means you always get the professional advice from an experienced team, world class service, fair market rates and deliveries against promises.  To that end, we at Icicle are selective with whom we work with, both in terms of partners and clients.  We typically work with brands that are OR striving to be best-in-class, professional, disciplined in their business practices.


  • 20+ years of experience
  • 50+ project management experts and creative talents
  • 290+ brand owner clients
  • 600+ network suppliers and subcontractors


Cross Media Brand Strategy & Development

Digital - Web & Mobile

Video & Photography

  • Brand identity and brand asset development

  • Design and art direction across media formats

  • Web & mobile UX/UI design, development & implementation

  • eDM & e-newsletter solutions

  • eCommerce solutions

  • Digital brand asset production

  • WhatsApp-based marketing solutions

  • Brand stories, corporate videos and interviews

  • Animation and infographics

  • Volume video adaptation and transcreation

  • Photography – key visuals, product shots, photo-retouch

Print, Packaging & Sourcing

Visual Merchandising, Retail Displays & Venue Decoration

  • Print and packaging design and engineering

  • Gifts and promotional items

  • Confidential data printing and direct mailing services

  • Create and design materials and content for visual merchandising, retail merchandising and venue decoration

  • Design and produce window displays, signs, interior displays and special promotional displays

Social Media

  • Post planning, scheduling and production

  • Campaign creative development and implementation

  • Social Media advertising planning and implementation

  • Content distribution and reporting

  • Influencer Marketing





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Daisy Pang
Jeff Wong
Director, Enterprise Client
Director, Business Development
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Josephine Cheung
Senior Director, Business and Project Management
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Masahiro Watanabe
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Michael Chan
Brand and Design Strategist
Director, Head of Printing, Packaging and Sourcing



We Are A Shopify Partner


At Icicle, we take business ethics and sustainability very seriously. It is what many clients expect of us but more important, we expect it of ourselves. We stringently adhere to a set of code of conduct when engaged in business dealings with clients, partners, vendors as well as other stakeholders. On a daily basis, we adopt good business practices in areas including procurement in our supply chain, waste management and energy efficiency.



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